Alternator Trouble: 6 Warning Signs

Alternator Trouble: 6 Warning Signs

For your vehicle to dependably fire up and cruise down the road, you need a healthy alternator. When an alternator malfunctions, the battery is liable to run out of juice, which could leave you stranded. As soon as you notice a symptom of alternator trouble, you'll want to be proactive about taking care of it. Here are six signs of an alternator problem.

Dashboard Warning Light

A warning light that reads ALT or GEN may illuminate if alternator trouble is detected. This light could also be in the shape of a small battery. Anytime a warning light comes on, you'll want to visit the mechanic so the underlying problem can be accurately diagnosed.

Dead Battery

A new battery should continue to work dependably for at least three years, if not significantly longer. But if your battery fails sooner and not because of an obvious issue like leaving your headlights on, then there could be an alternator problem.

Problems with Headlights

If your alternator isn't working correctly, your headlights may start acting erratically. When headlights begin dimming or flickering, it can create a serious safety issue if you're driving on a road that isn't illuminated by streetlights.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

Newer cars regularly feature computers that calculate which electrical accessories should first be powered down when the alternator is malfunctioning. This saves power for the vehicle's most crucial electrical needs, but can cause issues with accessories such as power seats.

Stalling Out

A faulty alternator can prevent spark plugs from receiving sufficient power. This could result in your vehicle stalling out.

Belt Problem

If you have reason to believe that there could be something wrong with your alternator, then you may as well pop the hood and take a look. If you notice a belt that's cracked or badly fitting, then you may have spotted the source of your alternator issue.

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Posted: April 14, 2021

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