8 Easy Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

8 Easy Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

8 Easy Ways to Improve Gas MileageWith gas prices expected to rise in 2021, it's smart to take some basic measures that will maximize fuel-efficiency. Here's a look at eight simple tips for boosting MPGs.

New Fuel Filter

To prevent contaminants from hurting performance and gas mileage, you'll want to replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles or so.

Replace Air Filter

By replacing your air filter about every 15,000 miles, you'll ensure that the proper amount of air will be able to reach the combustion chamber. This will prevent the engine from burning up additional fuel as a way to make up for a shortage of air.

New Spark Plugs

Old, dirty plugs can waste a lot of fuel as they continue to misfire. Vehicles manufactured after 2000 can often go 100,000 miles before plug replacement, while older vehicles tend to need their plugs changed at shorter mileage intervals.

Tight Gas Cap

A loose or missing gas cap may result in fuel evaporating before you even get the opportunity to run on it.

Proper Tire Inflation

Under-inflated tires can cause a drop in gas mileage because soft rubber needs more power to roll forward.

Correct Oil

Because certain engines work best with certain types of oil, it's important to always put the right stuff in your engine. Oil of a heavier weight could result in friction that makes your engine work harder, which can cause a reduction in fuel-efficiency.

Fuel Additive

By pouring a fuel additive into your tank, you can help to eliminate contaminants from your injectors and intake valves. When selecting a fuel additive, make sure you choose one that works well with your particular vehicle.

Correct Fuel Grade

If you drive a vehicle that is supposed to take mid-grade or above, you'll want to consistently follow this requirement. Otherwise, gas mileage could drop and engine issues may arise.

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Posted: December 10, 2020

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